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22nd April 2015

Jo-Emma Larvin

I was down in the dumps so I decided to go to New You Boot Camp as a friend had recommended the week long course to me. *
22nd April 2015

Leanne Dowsett

"What I certainly didn't expect was to have fun!" *
22nd April 2015

Georgie Cox

"My body now looks like it did on my wedding day and I intend it to stay that way for as long as humanly possible. *
21st April 2015

Clare Keen

"I lost 13lbs on Boot Camp back in April 2009 " by mid October I had hit the 3 stone mark!*
21st April 2015

Kirstin Biggs

" made me far more confident and I felt so proud..." *
21st April 2015

Maxine Mathieson

" of the most rewarding and enjoyable weeks of my life!" *
21st April 2015

Jacqueline McLeary

"I have lost 10 stone - half my body weight." *
21st April 2015

Michelle Heaton

"They always put me in the middle because I was the plump one! (Middle Heaton on her Liberty X days)." *
21st April 2015

Sharon Marshall

"I lost 13lb in one week. It's better than liposuction!" *