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22nd April 2015

Wendy Marshall

I have always struggled with my weight and spent my teenage years and up to about 30 years at least 2 stone over weight. *
22nd April 2015

Leonora Chandler

"Since starting boot camp in the 3rd week of July, I have lost 22 pounds, dropping two dress sizes in the process as you can tell from the pic, and my body shape has changed dramatically." *
22nd April 2015

Sarah Lees

I've regained my confidence and self-esteem. I never turn an opportunity down and I continually challenge myself to try new things.*
22nd April 2015

Kirsty Moffat

I am a 28 yr old career girl who woke up one morning and realised (with a very big thud) I hate my life! *
22nd April 2015

Sarah Billson

I seem to have lost momentum and a bit of confidence so booked on the one day boot camp to give myself a kick start. *
22nd April 2015

Donna Dixon

For some time I have wanted a challenge for myself something to push my boundaries (physically, mentally, emotionally) beyond my day to day life. *
22nd April 2015

Diane Clare Potgieter

DO IT! The sooner the better. It is a unique experience which cannot fail to boost your self confidence. *
22nd April 2015

Christine McGregor

"5 months later, I weigh 8st 12lbs, go to the gym 3 times a week, swim, jog, cycle, work out and feel great!" *
22nd April 2015

Sarah Ellis

"Thanks to the New You Boot Camp I was a stone lighter & fitted perfectly into my wedding dress!" *