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22nd April 2015

Sarah Clinton

"At New You Boot Camp I lost a massive 11lb and 7 inches, my attitude has changed and I am very positive and happy again!I have lost 6 stone since 2009!" *
22nd April 2015

Sarah Spooner

Bring on the pain, bring on the PTI's, bring on the food portions because I KNOW that I can do it, I KNOW that it can work and I KNOW that 2015 will see me in a size 12 and my target weight will be achieved!!! *
22nd April 2015

Natasha Chowdory

A lot has changed in a year for me, and looking back attending the boot camp in January, I realise that it sort of gave me the confidence to make some serious changes in my life both physically and just in general.*
22nd April 2015

Penny Rainbow

"The staff at New You Boot Camp have followed my progress along the way and have been very supportive despite me starting this journey what seems like a lifetime ago."*
22nd April 2015

Christopher Hecksen

"It was truly was the best Christmas gift I could ever have given myself." *
22nd April 2015

Pauline Naughton & Anna Walker

I was worried about my daughter who had gone to university in another city last year. She had lost weight but her eating and exercise habits were bad, she often did not eat all day and then had takeaways and alcohol in the evenings.*
22nd April 2015

Josie Anson

"I have just come back from holiday in Antigua and felt fantastic in a Bikini for the first time ever since I was a kid!" *
22nd April 2015

Christina Fairclough

My fitness levels have gone through the roof! Thank you New You Boot Camp!*
22nd April 2015


"I lost 10lbs and 9.5 inches. Gained 3 friends which I still keep in contact with!" *