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17th April 2015

I Am Back to My Pulling Weight – Bella

She slimmed on Celebrity Fit Club, but it took a more drastic boot camp to get Sharon Marshall back to her sexiest shape. When Sharon Marshall […]
17th April 2015

Red Magazine & New You Boot Camp

Lisa Ashworth, 33, an accountant from Guildford, has watched her weight creep up for the last two years. We sent her on a seven-day New You Body […]
17th April 2015

Bodyfit Bootcamp Blog

TV’s Sharon Marshall’s journey to body confidence has had more ups and downs than the average soap opera plotline. And this month she reports for Bodyfit […]
17th April 2015

New You Boot Camp review- Sportsister

We have been reviewed by Sports Sister, the women’s sport online magazine. This positive review of our Portugal boot camp explains how we push your limits, […]
17th April 2015

The Southern Echo – Sally Goes To Boot Camp

Sally Churchwood, feature writer for The Daily Echo, has featured us in a recent article after attending one of our residential boot camps. Describing her experience […]
17th April 2015

Metro Top Five Boot Camps

Metro – Top Five Bootcamps We are pleased to say that we have been given a place in the Metro’s list of the top five bootcamps! […]
17th April 2015

The Guardian – Best Boot Camps

We have been recommended by The Guardian for our UK bootcamps and our Portugal holiday training camp. Commending us on our military style techniques, the recommendation […]
17th April 2015

The Mirror – Six Top Tips To Reduce Your Waist Size

Our head nutritionist Mary-Lou Harris spoke to Flic Everett of The Mirror about trimming down your waist size with just a few simple changes to your […]
17th April 2015

Heart Radio – Angela’s Experience

  Don’t complain about things you are not willing to work hard(ish) to change! 😉 OMG I SO agree with this – BUT this *IS* me […]