What makes our weight loss retreats unique

At New You Escapes we empower, educate and uplift our clients. Our team of staff offer a unique and balanced approach towards training and therapeutic nutrition resulting in amazing results for each client. We treat each client as an individual. Although a weight loss holiday may be challenging we ensure that you have fun, reach new limits and feel inspired and motivated. We welcome all fitness levels, all different ages, nationalities and backgrounds. We make sure that a week at New You Escapes is achievable and enjoyable for all. 

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Weight Loss Retreats

Have you tried all different ways to lose weight? Are you still struggling? Don't be stuck in a rut - come and try out one of our weight loss holidays and see the difference it can make in your weight and health! Get excited about achieving your goals and keeping them.

During a New You Escapes weight loss retreat you will learn about the different types of training. You will learn about therapeutic nutrition. Weight loss is about balance. To achieve long term weight loss it is imperative to understand the impact of gut health, to understand what you eat and to understand how you train. New You Escapes educates you throughout the week and as such you will continue to see incredible results even after your week with us.

Fitness Boot Camps

Are you looking to take your fitness to the next level? Are you looking for a new challenge and some time to concentrate on you? Come and try one of our fitness boot camps. Improve your overall health, confidence and fitness with a New You fitness Boot Camp. Meet new people, discover new training regimes and learn about clean eating at one of our bespoke fitness camps. Taking your training to the next level is a great boost and will help you achieve goals you didn’t know you were capable of.

New You Fitness Boot Camp equally concentrates on strength and conditioning, cardio and flexibility. Our team also fully educate you on therapeutic nutrition and how to eat to reach your goals. We also include full education on hormone balance, stress balance and the importance of sleep, rest and recovery.

Corporate Events

We have developed corporate events and well-being packages for many major companies and well-known brands. Health and well-being is of utmost importance, especially in a work place. We are delighted to see a growing demand for our corporate packages. We are even more thrilled to hear what a difference our packages have made to encourage optimal performance and happiness in the workplace! We work with each of our corporate clients to ensure that your individual needs and goals are met.


We believe that a stunning setting and beautiful environment helps to make the challenge of a boot camp a fabulous holiday to simply concentrate on you. We have two beautiful venues in Spain, offering boutique rooms, serene outdoor pools and beautiful grounds.

See What Others Have Said About Us

  • New You transformed my body and changed my life. Throw away all your other diet books and exercise videos. I am telling you, they're no good, and you don't need them. All you need is to get yourself to New You. If you can't, this is the next best thing. It's as simple as that. If you want a new you, this is the way to do it. The only way to do it. I promise you!
    "It Really Will Be a New You"
  • Well, having known the authors personally for many years I can tell you now, there is no messing! Do you want to drop a dress size in a week? Then go to a boot camp! Can't get there? Then buy this book! Simple! This book is excellent for teaching us all a lesson in how to eat, what to eat, the basic rules of exercising that come with it, and changing your attitude to the way you eat and still enjoying every last mouthful! These girls have worked extremely hard and with them being voted Europe's number one boot camp, what more can I say but buy it!
    "To All Of You - Diet Starts Monday!"
    Michelle Lord
  • I came to New You in 2008 to tone up for my wedding. Two children later, and four stone in weight gain, here I am again! I've lost 32lbs since January and now I am ready to get fit and lose the last of the weight. Thank you to Lisa for always being on hand to deal with problems and answering questions. Staffs Simpson and Evans are fantastic trainers, with great knowledge of training , injuries and nutrition. Chef Juta - thank you for the lovely food - it's been tasty and has kept me going all week! Thanks for the demos and making me my "prune drink".
    Kelly Smith
    Hereford, 20th - 27th March 2015
  • My visit a year ago set me on a path of physical improvement and weight loss. This has given me the impetus to continue to improve. Thank you to all for your support, patience and all round good advice.
    Hereford, 10th - 17th June 2016
  • I didn't want to be overweight for my forties. New You has reshaped my body, flattened my tummy and inspired me to set some clear training goals and get back to entering running races and triathlons. Thank you to both PT staff. Your help and advice has been over and above what I would expect and it is much appreciated.
    Anne Marie Chafer
    Hereford, 12th - 19th June 2015