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22nd January 2014

Some Simple Changes to Speed Up Your Metabolism

So, what can we do to speed up our metabolism?? The $1,000,0000 question! Well, if it is you can give us £1,000,000 because it really is […]
17th January 2014

The Magic of Turmeric – The Next Miracle Herb

Turmeric As one of the most powerful pain killers and anti-inflammatory she knows of, Mary-Lou Harris (FdSc, Dip ION, ITEC) head nutritionist of New You Boot […]
13th January 2014

A Different Take on Fertility Issues

Fertility and miscarriage issues are on the rise, and a source of great distress for couples who dearly want children. Head Nutritionist of the New You […]
7th January 2014

Discussion on Vitamin Supplements

There has been a lot of press recently about how Vitamins and Multi-Vitamins are “Useless”. Most recently it was within The Times Newspaper, so we thought […]
10th December 2013

Tips on Making New Year’s Resolutions Succeed for 2014

New You Boot Camp’s Life Skills Team wanted to ensure you reach your goals and this New Year is YOUR YEAR!! So we wanted to help you […]
22nd November 2013

Healthy Eating at Christmas

According to stats released from the Huffington Post, The British Dietetic Association found ‘the average Brit will gain up to half a stone over the festive […]
1st November 2013

Research into the Healing Power of Vegetables?

At New You Boot Camp we passionately believe our clients stress levels and life problems effect their weight, and in turn health. For this reason we […]
29th October 2013

All Hail King Kale!

Some may call it a weed, others my wince at the portion on their dinner plate.Yet, the future is looking brighter for our English grown cabbage. […]
21st October 2013

Finding it Hard to Maintain Motivation?

Whether you are an A-class sports-star, or someone just starting out; dwindling motivation can be a downfall for many. The BBC have released recently a brilliant […]