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6th May 2021

Casa Agara in Cantabria – our newest venue!

18th June 2020

Introducing Tony Epps, our newest PT!

Introducing Tony Epps, our newest PT! He is not only a fantastic Personal Trainer, he is also a very experienced dancer with multiple qualifications in both […]
15th June 2020

Lockdown Fitness

Lockdown Fitness James enjoys fitness, but when the lockdown arrived he adapted his lifestyle to ensure keeping body healthy was still very much a large part […]
3rd April 2020

Ruth Cowderoy

“If you’re looking for a fitness holiday then this is it.  It’s a great way to meet people and have fun exercising” Ruth Cowderoy, a New […]
26th March 2020

Deborah Foy

“I know why it’s called New You Escapes as it was an escape just for me away from everything”. Deborah Foy, a regular at New You […]
22nd January 2020

Meet Jane, Our Yoga Expert At New You Escapes

Jane Zimmerman is our yoga guru. Originally from London, Jane now lives in the South of Spain, about 30 minutes from Granada, in a beautiful mountain […]
8th April 2019

The Benefits of A Fitness Holiday

The Benefits of a Fitness Holiday – The Top Reasons To Consider Booking A Fitness Holiday More Awareness Concerning Health and Wellness All age groups are […]
8th April 2019

Solo Fitness Holiday

Solo Fitness holidays are growing in popularity by the day. Both solo holidays and wellness holidays are markets that are growing in popularity year on year. […]
14th February 2019

How Rapid Transformational Therapy Aids Weightloss.

“Annabella, you’ll lose weight when you want to.” said Kate, my personal trainer as she increased the speed on the treadmill. I looked at her blankly.  […]