Our Ethos

New You Escapes is introducing the new generation of health and well-being travel that specialises with a portfolio of different breaks and getaways that allow you to concentrate on you.

Since 2006 we have been specialising in purely boot camps and trading as New You Boot Camp. We have won awards and seen so many clients walk through our doors that change their lives in this time – it has been tremendous.

Over the years we have been asked by many clients to diversify and open our offerings so that we do offer yoga and fitness, hiking and yoga and total transformation holidays. Well, we have listened and we are finally launching our new holidays and have re-branded as New You Escapes.

Today's world is fast-paced, technology-driven and for some - stressful. The work hard, play hard culture is rampant but we wanted to create an escape for our clients- a sanctuary for everyone. Sometimes, just a little time out can do the trick and enable each and every one of you to replenish and rejuvenate - feeling healthy, fit and full of energy.

Investing in yourself is the most important investment in life.

Whether you are a City Worker, Professional, Mum, Home Worker or just in need of some "me time", New You Escapes is proud to offer a range of holidays throughout Spain.

Through good nutrition, gut health enhancement, fitness and just being in an environment where you are looked after we ensure that each of our beautiful clients leaves us feeling wonderful.

We look forward to welcoming you,

The New You Escapes Team.

Meet the Team

Our fantastic team is made up of award winning fitness instructors and nutritionists. We're all passionate about health, fitness, and helping our clients discover the new you!

Yusimi - Retreat Manager Spain

Certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer

My passion for sport and fitness is exemplar, and has given me the tools to stay focused and have a positive mindset. I truly believe that finding the right training method for each individual is the key to maintain a healthy state of mind. However, physical activity counts for only 20% of a client's outcome, therefore teaching about nutrition and helping clients build sustainable eating habits will allow them to improve their overall health. My aim is to break down and simplify what clients need to do to feel at their best and create a healthy lifestyle that they will love.

Lisa - Retreat Manager UK

Personal Trainer

Lisa has many years experience of managing fitness and weight loss retreats and prides herself on making sure clients achieve the best results. Her credentials are pretty spectacular too; she runs her own gym called Tuf Fitness in Poole, she is a Level 3 & 4 Personal Trainer and supports retreat PTIs by running the stretch and warm down sessions.

Marianne - Chef & Nutritionist UK

Chef and Nutritionist UK

Marianne, aka the Dutch Foodie(!) is a an international business woman, regularly travelling throughout Europe and beyond (Including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa) learning about global cuisine, from the simplest to the most elaborate. Following numerous residential fitness boot camps and detoxes, continuing research and a nutrition course, she has a deep appreciation of clean eating, healthy food, juicing, avoiding processed foods, refined sugar, chemicals and white starchy carbs. Marianne will not only cooks our delicious food, she also runs group coaching sessions and nutrition talks to help you continue your journey.

Claudia - Nutritional Therapist, Eating Psychology Coach, and Master NLP Practitioner

Nutritional Therapist, Eating Psychology Coach, and Master NLP Practitioner

Claudia is a Nutritional Therapist, Eating Psychology Coach, and Master NLP Practitioner. In 2014, the Conde Nast Spa Guide described Claudia as "Really knowing her stuff". Claudia is passionate about inspiring lasting change. She uses groundbreaking techniques to help clients transform their relationship with food and body. Claudia has developed a unique nutritional and psychological approach using strategies to help clients lose weight, strengthen their confidence and minds, and be free from unwanted eating patterns such as binge eating, overeating and yo-yo dieting. With over 12 years of clinical experience Claudia divides her time between Gibraltar and London. Her specialism is weight loss, however she also works with a wide range of health concerns including fatigue, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, skin conditions, thyroid, and more. Claudia is an experienced public speaker, working with small groups to audiences of 300+. She lectures on Eating Psychology to 4th year students at the British College of Nutrition (BCNH) and also jumps onto Facebook Live to share the latest research and chat with guest speakers. Claudia has been featured in Closer, Bella, Fabulous, The Huffington Post and Mail Online.

Marc - PTI


Marc represented Wales at rugby league (Cardiff) up until semi professional level and had a season playing semi professional in New Zealand before deciding on a whole career change, joining the Army in 2002. He has been an Army PTI for 13 years, training thousands of elite British, foreign and Commonwealth soldiers. Marc has also trained many professional sports teams such as the Dragons & Blues Academies and ran the fitness sessions on the popular tv programme “School of Hard Knocks”. Expect some tough love from Marc...with a cheeky little smile and a beautiful Welsh accent!

Richard - PTI


Hello! I'm Richard Simpson - a former member of the Royal Air Force, where I served as a Physical Training Instructor for 27 years. During my time in the RAF, I trained a variety of airmen, from new recruits, to officer cadets, to elite fighter pilots. I was fortunate to lead and take part in numerous expeditions in the UK and around the world. I currently work as a PT, alongside physios and massage therapists. I get a lot of job satisfaction from seeing clients improve and work towards their goals, whether these be big or small. I have been associated with New You since leaving the RAF. I enjoy meeting the variety of people who attend boot camp and helping them on their journey. Residing in Lincolnshire with my wife Mary and our two girls, I enjoy keeping fit and playing sport - especially hockey and tennis!

Jane - Yoga Instructor and Masseuse

Yoga Instructor and Masseuse

Yoga keeps inspiring me because it is such an amazing way to transform and empower yourself! I have witnessed this in both myself, and in the countless people of all ages and backgrounds that have come to my classes, courses and retreats. I have taught in Spain, Chile and England since 2002, using a base of Hatha Yoga with a variety of other Yoga and bodywork styles, depending on the group or individual and the theme we are exploring. My aim is for everyone to open, strengthen and soften their physical, mental and emotional bodies, and to have fun in the process! I took my teacher training with Sadhana in Sevilla (2000-2004), and I am currently undergoing further teacher training in Yin Yoga with Josh Summers. I have studied Chinese Medicine (with Escuela Beijing) and am also a masseuse, an art therapist and an artist.

Francisco Rodriguez

Head Chef.

I specialise in different types of cooking. My passion is to discover and teach an authentic expression in flavour, vitality and food awareness. I value and respect local products, sustainable and seasonal, but first of all, the quality of the whole food. I work in the health industry to teach people a balanced and unconventional experience. My professional career has revolved around plants and food. My great curiosity and creativity have allowed me to combine these two areas throughout my work in various projects that I have been part of. I consider myself a person with a great sense of responsibility, creative and with good capacity for teamwork and personal relationships. I have collaborated in seminars and courses for natural nutrition and vegetarian cuisine.